April 2011 Raising the profile

(First published April 2011)

From its inception the group have been aware of the importance of how it is seen. This began with the choice of name: Kent and Medway Humanist Association lent itself to a useful acronym, KAMHA. In marketing terms, next in developing a brand was the logo, based on the ‘happy human’ used widely for Humanist institutions and groups through-out the world.


This was quickly followed by an internet presence on meetup.com for a calendar of events and a message board for discussion; and then added was the web site: www.kamha.org.uk


With KAMHA’s affiliation to the BHA both of these links where also added to their group page.


In addition to the contacts made with other organisations, covered in Chris Watt’s article, have been those with the media. As the easiest name to find on the web, Alan Trevethan has twice been invited to speak on BBC Radio Kent. The first was an hour long phone-in which earnt KAMHA respect from some sceptics. More recent was an opportunity to speak about the local involvement in the BHA sponsored Census Campaign on the morning of the Medway launch. This was a brief slot, but exclusively about what the local group is doing.


John Warren researched contacts with the press. Using emails and telephone this lead to the excellent coverage in Medway News (see page 4). This was amazing achievement for such a new group.


Finally there is our growing presence on facebook. Many members of the group are now facebook friends. With a KAMHA  page on facebook there is a site for regular newsfeeds and posting the photographs of recent events.


An impressive first year, everybody, don’t you think?