Articles of Association



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Articles of Association

We are all equally human -

using reason and evidence to live the one life we have…


The Association shall be called “North Kent Humanists” and shall have the following Objectives:

Using Humanist Values to Enable the Autonomy of the Individual and Strengthen Social Cohesion.

Advancing the Public Awareness Humanist Aims and Values.

Promoting Charitable Purposes consistent with Humanist Values.


Any person who agrees with the objectives of the Association may become a member on payment of £1.00. The Trustees may refuse to admit as a member or terminate the membership of any person whose conduct is, in their opinion, inconsistent with the objectives of the Association, while giving such a person the opportunity to make a representation.


The Trustees shall ensure that the policies and actions of the Association are compatible with the Objectives of the Articles of Association and guided the requirements as Trustees set out in the Charities Act of 1993 and as Directors set out in the Companies Act of 2006. The Trustees shall consist of Five persons prepared to serve the Objectives of the Association and elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting for a period of One year. The Trustees shall appoint from among themselves such Officers as shall allow them to Execute the business of the Association. The Trustees shall meet at least Quarterly. A quorum shall consist of Three members. A quorum shall appoint Trustees to fill any vacancies that occur within a given year.


In order to Execute the business of the Association the Trustees may:

Raise money

Open bank accounts

Take out insurance

Employ staff

Acquire and manage buildings

Organise courses and events

Work with other groups and exchange information

Do anything that is lawful which will execute the Objects of the Association.


An Annual General Meeting shall be held the first week of April in each year. It shall receive financial accounts and the reports from the Trustees.

A Special General Meeting must be convened on receipt of a request signed by at least twenty percent of the members of the Association, and be convened by the Trustee’s within four weeks of the receipt of such requisition. At least fourteen days’ notice shall be given to all members. Only business stated on the notice convening the meeting shall be considered at general meetings other than the Annual General Meeting.

The quorum at general meetings shall be twenty percent of members of the Association. In any dispute concerning the affairs of the Association, a simple majority of the General Meeting shall be the final authority.


The income and property of the Association shall be devoted to the promotion of the objectives of the Association. Trustees may not receive fees for their services to the Association. They may, however, be reimbursed for expenses incurred in executing the business of the Association.

In the event of the Association having to be wound up, all funds after payment of liabilities shall go to the British Humanist Association.

The Annual General Meeting shall set the annual subscription to the Association.

The annual subscription is set at £10 a year. The Membership fee of £1.00 is included in the first year’s subscription.


The Articles of Association shall be eligible for amendment on the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting as set out in the Articles of Association.

A quarter of the eligible Members are required to propose any amendment(s) to the Articles of Association.

Three quarters of the of the members present and voting at a General Meeting are required to carry such amendment(s) to the Articles of Association.

The Trustees may make such amendment(s) that are consistent with the Aims of the Association where they are essential to comply with Company and Charity Law.

No amendment may be made which would have the effect of making the Association cease to be a Charity at Law.


The Association shall seek Partnership Status with the British Humanist Association. Affiliations to other bodies may be sought by resolution of a General Meeting.

The Trustees shall develop the affiliation with East Kent Humanists and GALHA.

The Trustees shall seek an affiliation with the National Secular Society.


- April 2012 -