North Kent Humanists are no longer active. Please contact Kent Humanists.


We support and represent local people who seek to live ethical and responsible lives based on empathy and empirical evidence.


Because we are all equally human…

As a community we share the following objectives:

Empowering Individual Autonomy and Strengthening Social Cohesion through Humanist Values.

Advancing the Education of the Public in understanding Humanism.

Promoting Charitable Purposes consistent with Humanist Values.

Officers of North Kent Humanists:

Chairman: Chris Watt

Interim Treasurer: Ashley Clark

Interim Secretary: Ingrid van Dooren




We are all equally Human, sharing common needs met in collaboration, ensuring freedom and security;

We respect our differences and the need to have a balanced approach to these in working and living together;

We believe in the self-esteem and respect of the individual, empowered to be free from prejudice and privilege;

We believe that humour and reason can erode ignorance and habitual self-defeating behaviour;

We believe that with sensible thinking we can live ethically in pursuit of happiness;

We believe that a balance of challenge and support is the most practicable and rewarding means to learning and living as Humanists.

Humanism is the view that we can make sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values and that we can live good lives based on empathy and empirical evidence.

North Kent Humanists have pleasure of collaborating with…



NKH representatives Chris Watt and Ingrid van Dooren are grateful to be members of the forum Medway InterFaith Action.    http://www.medwayinterfaith.org.uk/


  • To promote, organise and support Inter-Faith and Multi-Faith activities in the Medway area
  • To promote cohesion and dialogue between the Faiths and Faith Communities in the Medway area
  • To promote mutual respect and understanding
  • To support, and maintain membership of, the Inter Faith Network for the United Kingdom


imagesCAHASPIZChatham Unitarian Church




We are grateful to be able to collaborate with a community that shares so many of the same values, thinking and practice.

“Within our congregations you will find people who describe themselves as Christians, earth-spirit worshippers, Buddhists, Jews, humanists, agnostics and atheists. You will also find those who prefer to have no label and those who identify with the term ‘seeker’. While each individual takes responsibility for their own spiritual journey, we unite to celebrate the great mystery that transcends all traditions, all categories and all words.” This paragraph forms part of the Home Page of Chatham Unitarians (CUC) and clearly shows why we feel at home there.

We say ‘at home’ because North Kent Humanists (NKH) have been part of what goes on there for some time. We have jointly attended Kent Peace and Unity, visited the Gillingham Mosque in solidarity with their condemnation of the Drummer Lee Rigby Murder and upholding the Right to Freedom of Belief and supported each others activities for several years.

The Community Room is a secular space that is used by a growing number of charitable groups for social, educational and fund raising events. The local PACT (Partners and Communities Together), which brings together Police, Council, local institutions and residents, also use the Community Room as their venue. Full Frontal, a garden action group; the Council for Voluntary Service; the Local Speakers Series, now in its third year…

We look forward to a mutually fruitful relationship between us (CUC and NKH) in service to the community at large.