April 2011 Taking the message to faith groups

A personal view on the need to work with Faith groups by Chris Watt


I am now in my early seventies. I grew up attending the Church of Scotland but life and experience gradually made me agnostic. Eventually I found humanism via the internet and joined the BHA. I was a lone humanist for several years until KAMHA came on the scene.


Religions are not going away any time soon and I believe in collaborating with all people of goodwill providing they are tolerant of diverse views. When I discovered Medway Interfaith Action, I contacted them to see if a humanist would be welcome to join. They invited me along and gave me a bit of a grilling. However, I am now accepted as a member.


Last September, I gave a short talk on Humanism at the Canterbury Street Mosque, Gillingham. There were lots of questions which I did my best to answer.


Alan and I also attended the KENT PEACE & UNITY SEMINAR 2010 at the Corn Exchange, Rochester which was organised by the Kent Muslim Welfare Association.


We were made welcome and I gave a short address about KAMHA and humanism. Many aspects of the Medway community were represented and we made some useful contacts.


A more recent Interfaith Forum was addressed by Martin Featherstone who is the Chief Executive of Medway CVS (Council for Voluntary Services). This is an umbrella organisation which offers support and encouragement  to local groups.