March 2011 Year Ends on High Note

March 2011 meetup

The Youth and Big Kids final event was a great sucess. Chris Smith, from Allington, was our host for an evening of Karaoke.

Everyone was encouraged to take part and even the most adamant of ‘observers’ eventually joined in. It was so enjoyable that the finish time was, with the gratitude of all, extended. This was, without doubt, the best of the series of events for Youth and Big Kids.

Including all of the community has been a strong theme of KAMHA with the First Sunday meetups featuring trips out, a picnic and a barbecue. With the growing number of Youth a further date on the Calendar was added with the Second Wednesday of the Month.

These have been two trips to AMF Bowling in Maidstone, the second to take advantage of a free ticket, and to the Gillingham Ice Bowl. The ‘Big Kids’ have enjoyed these just as much as the Youth. In addition to the fun there has been plenty of discussion about Humanism. After the Ice Skating so many did not want to go home a stop off at a pub and then to Mark’s where needed to give the time for all to talk about KAMHA’s future.

The Youth have also been given a challenge with the restoration of ‘Nisus’, a 28ft boat, as a home. Despite numerous set-backs, this ambitious project has been the focus for learning new skills, on working together and understanding the needs of the Youth in our community. Many have given generous loans to see the sucess of this endeavour. One could say, ‘Giving Challenge and Support to the Youth, because they deserve it.’