Working with the BHA

In May 2011 we received the BHA’s consultation document: Working together.

At our recent AGM the Trustees were mandated to pursue Partner Status with the BHA. This has been conveyed to the BHA and already acknowledged.

The following is envisaged by the BHA:

·         The aim is to have the new structure in place for all local groups, both Partners and Affiliate, by the beginning of June 2012. The new local group fees will only become applicable at that stage.

·         There are quite a few systems and other changes the BHA centrally needs to make.

·         They will be working with a small number of pilot groups so that we can apply whatever we have learned as the new set up is implemented with everyone else. The pilot groups are: Plymouth (a new group), Central London and Greater Manchester.


It was agreed at the GRAM – Group Representatves Annual Meeting (Alan Trevethan attended) that the BHA would set up two tools to help with group networking:

·         An on-line reference source – applying a similar concept to “Wikipedia” – in which local groups and the BHA can accumulate learning and best practices in a way that is easy for other groups to access.

·         A local groups networking tool such as a Google Group which will enable, for example, a network member to ask all the other network members for advice or the answer to a question, and a discussion to take place (but with the flexibility for any members to turn off their email prompts if needed).