There follows Mike Dendor’s post on Humanism and Politics. I feel that the points made about elitism also warrant a seperate Forum page.

Purpose of All-Party Parliamentary Humanist Group – “To bring together non-religious MPs and Peers to discuss matters of shared interest” – note the “non-religious” part – why? Yet again, so-called humanists show a lack of tolerance towards moderates that use religion as a moral compass but without harming anyone and with an open mind – an attribute that this group obviously does not have – the TED talk makes this point about religion – there is no problem in someone following a value and belief system that helps them to get through life as long as they do not use it as an excuse to belittle or harm others – humanist is a word that I like but I do NOT like the way the word has been hijacked by a bunch of elitists that show a LACK of tolerance to others – I am an atheist myself but I completely understand people that use their faith to help them lead a humanist life – why cut them off from us!!
The definition of politics: – “The science of government; that part of ethics which has to do with the regulation and government of a nation or state, the preservation of its safety, peace, and prosperity, the defense of its existence and rights against foreign control or conquest, the augmentation of its strength and resources, and the protection of its citizens in their rights, with the preservation and improvement of their morals.”
- ALL CITIZENS, NOT JUST THOSE THAT THINK THEY ARE BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE – as the TED talk emphasises, it is all a matter of balance or ying and yang and a matter of people with different value and belief systems understanding each other, NOT shutting themselves off from each other and foregoing the arrogance to say that they are the “right” ones and that includes s0-called humanists
- having said that, no value or belief system should have a specific privilege within politics or government, again including humanists – down with elitism, whether it be academic, value and belief systems, morals, ethics!! We can ALL learn from each other.

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